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Posted by: on July 28th, 2008

Surf forecast issued Monday 28 July 2008: 6 day outlook for Sydney:

Oh boy it’s cold…oh boy it’s cold… It’s cold, I’m cold, I’ve got a cold…(but I’m getting better, fingers crossed).

I saw 3 people in the surf this arvo in some smokin’ waves at Nth Steyne – 1 wisely got out before the first squall hit.  At 5pm the temp was 9.3 and according to the Bureau the apparent temp was minus 0.9!

Now I don’t like that kind of temperature unless it is where it snows… and hey!?… The Bureau called yesterday’s white stuff covering the ground on parts of Sydney’s north shore “light hail”, but Belinda and Bruce said although it started falling as hail with loud bangs on the car when they were driving home, it then started falling very softly as flakes.  Having seen a lot of snow down the mountains and lived a year in Boston (shoveling the car out of the snow etc), they said that the white stuff on the houses and ground at Frenchs Forest looked just like when it snows in Boston!  So as far as we’re concerned, 6 month old Josh has seen his first snow – in Sydney, Sunday 27 July 2008!

Now that you know all that… if you’re still interested in the surf forecast…

Tuesday:   3-4 metres dead South (with accompanying wind for the wind chill factor).

Wednesday: 2-3 metres South East.

Thursday: 1-2 metres South East.

Friday: 1-2 metres South.

Saturday: about 1-2 metres at dead South spots.

Sunday: ditto.

Weather from the Bureau:

Gale Warning for Coastal and Strong Wind Warning for Closed Waters. For the latest warning information please check the Bureau’s web site

Forecast for Monday evening
A few showers and the chance of a coastal thunderstorm. Cold, moderate to fresh southerly winds, strong at times near the coast. Dangerous surf conditions.
Precis: Showers. Cold winds.

Forecast for Tuesday
Shower or two. Cloudy periods. Cold moderate to fresh south to southwest winds. Dangerous surf conditions at first.
Precis: Shower or two. Cold winds.

City:         Min:   8 Max:  14   Parramatta: Min:   6 Max:  15
Terrey Hills: Min:   8 Max:  13   Penrith:    Min:   5 Max:  15
Liverpool:    Min:   4 Max:  14   Richmond:   Min:   3 Max:  14

UV Alert: Nil , UV Index predicted to reach 2 [Low]

Wednesday Fine.

City:          Min:    7  Max:   17
West:          Min:    1  Max:   17

Thursday Fine.

City:          Min:    7  Max:   18
West:          Min:    0  Max:   17

Friday Chance showers. Windy.

City:          Min:   10  Max:   20
West:          Min:    5  Max:   19

Saturday Fine.

City:          Min:   10  Max:   17
West:          Min:    3  Max:   16

Sunday Fine.

City:          Min:    8  Max:   18
West:          Min:    2  Max:   18

Monday Fine.

City:          Min:    7  Max:   18
West:          Min:    1  Max:   18

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