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Posted by: on August 2nd, 2008

Hello Friends,

Crash! Swell all gone.

Okay, well not completely, absolutely and utterly… but compared to yesterday, well, you wouldn’t want to compare it to yesterday. Average size at sea of the now mainly south swell is about 1.5 metres and the all-important period setting is a barely-functional 8 seconds.

From the look of the MHL data, I’d say there might possibly be a few sets well south of Sydney because the Batemans Bay trace is showing a couple metres at just under 10 seconds. But as you head north, things start looking pretty small.

But not to despair utterly, because there is a possibility that the pulse showing at Batemans Bay could make its way up to the Sydney region by this afternoon. If that happens, look for sets into the shoulder high range at south facing stretches. Right now (0700) however, it looks like a very long wait for knee to waist high lumps at spots such as Dee Why.

Sydney’s marine forecast is calling for WSW winds of 20-30 kts this morning, slackening to 15-25 kts this afternoon.  Could be fun if that pulse turns up.

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