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Posted by: on September 19th, 2008
0720: how to make a small wave look bigger - use a kayak!

0720: how to make a small wave look bigger - use a kayak!

Hello Friends,

Looks as though Huey’s built Sydneysiders a little ESE windswell overnight. The emphasis is on little though, because the numbers are fairly ordinary: 1-2 metres at 8 seconds on average. There is some 11 second stuff in the data, so I’d guess that might account for the chest high set I saw briefly wobble into the beach at Dee Why 20 minutes ago.

I don’t think you’ll find anything much above the aforementioned chest high mark this morning, but there should be a few little options about the place – thanks to the mainly ESE direction.

Wind is currently out of the NNW at well under 10 kts. The Bureau says it’ll pick up to around 10-15kts and then, as afternoon comes on, it’ll swing atound to the N-NE at 20-25 kts. When that happens, I’d expect the period to get shorter as the primary direction moves around to line up with the wind direction. Quite a summery outlook in that regard.

As for the weekend outlook, well, if you just motor down the page, you can see what the Goat reckons. Or, you can click here and jump straight to his full forecast. As usual, I am in complete agreement with his sage forecast.

Have yourself a top old day!

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