Promising, but messy

Posted by: on October 22nd, 2008

One guy out on the Point at Dee Why on a mal getting a few waves in the knee to waist high region. Geez, it’s a depressing-looking day out there though. Rain radar is showing Sydney pretty much surrounded by rain and looks to be sticking around for a while. The models show the swell continuing to build today but backing off to the background noise level by about noon tomorrow.  Could get up to 4m by later today. Wind will continue to ratchet up throughout the day, reaching  25+ knots from the south later on, so south corners are the the only places likely to retain any decent quality. 

Had a fun weekend up at Hawks Nest on the weekend, mostly kitesurfing. Waves were generally small but about once every 20-30 minutes there’d be a big overhead and a half wave with some serious punch. I kited downwind from Little Gibber headland to Hawks Nest Surf Club (about 11km) and there wasn’t another person in the water the entire distance.


Hawks Nest solitude

Hawks Nest solitude



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