Was that a wave I saw?

Posted by: on October 27th, 2008

Hello Friends,
(we were off the air for a couple hours due to a database badness… hoping we’ve fixed it now!)
Can’t really see any reason why there’d be waves, but when I grabbed this morning’s snap, it looked like there might be something. Wind is out of the NE and already up to 15kts on the gusts, so conditions are less than picturesque. The Bureau says the wind will push up into the 20-30 kt range this afternoon.  And that should push up some windswell waves at semi-protected north corners. Sounds like a typical summer scenario, ie the most surfable conditions will be in places where it’s sideshore.

0715: a little one slides into the corner, somewhat the worse for wear.

0715: a little one slides into the corner, somewhat the worse for wear.

The Sydney MHL buoy is currently showing 2 metres of 7 second NE windswell, so there are very likely some of those sideshore slop burgers to be had even now.

From the look of the models, we’re in for a week of these conditions not only in Sydney but along much of the eastern seaboard. There’s plenty of activity in the southern ocean, but it looks set to swing well clear of us for the next week.

After I post this, I’ll have a poke around the models to see if I can spot anything of interest elsewhere in the world for inclusion in the next edition of the editor’s picks. Looks as though Erie is getting about the biggest conditions of anywhere. And if you’re in New York today, you’ll have heaps of juicy swell.

Have yourself a good one!

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