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NOAA makes its decision on the Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary; Maverick’s will remain a “seasonal” PWC zone.


We all saw this coming sooner or later. But as of February 2009, it’s official: the days of snagging 60-foot XXL contenders at Ghost Tree or whipping into the tube of your life at Moss Landing are over. In a decision to be announced later this week, officials at the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary (MBNMS) and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) have closed a loophole in the laws. . . 

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  1. Joel G on November 18th 2008, 11:37 am

    Good stuff…the sooner this is kind of thing is done in Australia the better. The beauty of it here (on the east coast at least) will be that the surf could not possibly ever get big enough to declare a day as a "jet ski day".
    The tow crowd on the East Coast of Oz is has been pushing the envelope lately. It takes skill and grace learned from years of practice straight out of surfing and turns an unfit, otherwise-incompetent-scaredy-cat into a big wave hero. It's a retirement sport – lets face it – for blokes in their twilight and who can't keep up in the big stuff anymore or attention seekers who are just plain lazy.
    There is a place for it, but that place certainly isn't here on the Australian East Coast.
    Bring on the regulation I say, clean up the lineup and paddle into an eight foot pit again – for goodness sake!

  2. Ben on November 19th 2008, 6:04 am

    Ban this, regulate that, control everything, make more rules, lets stop everyone having fun. Narrow minded, self centered views like this go against the very nature of surfing. It's about having fun. Who cares if the tow in is a lazy surfer, unfit and incompetent or even a bloke in his twilight. I'm not into towing in either, but what gives me the right to say they shouldnt do it. Mind your own business and go paddle into eight foot ya wave nazzi. The ocean is for everyone to enjoy as long as you dont ruin it for anyone else.

  3. Joel on November 20th 2008, 5:31 am

    Oh yes…..I remember the day I was minding my own business on a bigger-than-average weekday with about 6 or so bods at North Narra…when suddenly a couple of fella's came buzzing through the lineup towing in….suddenly the lineup was not for everyone – only for the two blokes on the jetski as one of every set was takenr while the remainder ruined by wake. It was bloody dangerous.
    Self centred? I don't think so. The very nature of jet ski assisted surfing on a day when you can paddle is self centred. It equals "more waves for me and less for you".
    As I said: there is a place for it – but it's rarely on the East Coast. Towing deep sea bombies and ledges of death in the middle of the ocean? For sure – I take my hat off to them. But the guys on 6 – 8ft beachies (and even smaller…) while there's guys in the lineup paddling?…C'mon, you can't tell me that's not selfish and shouldn't be regulated!

  4. respect older surfers they survived on November 20th 2008, 11:16 am

    i regularly paddle surf alone! way out off little makaha at long reef and I enjoy the company of the jetskis to scare away the sharks! but really, most skis ride outer bombies that paddle in cant touch like german banks and queensie(altho some guys have obviously done paddle take offs at queensie bombie) these bombies move way too fast are way out deep and too unpredictable, the nuisance skis are the ridiculous ones who tow in on beach breaks or where paddle surfers are. The surf in sydney has gone just mad , all the secret ledges are ridden by boogers , all the point breaks like winki, dy point, bower, little av are now booger infested! The skis are the least of the problem, they are rare, I was surfin the other day and there was these new stand up -paddleboards(dining tables-whats the point), surfers on normal boards, boogers, canoes ,surf skis, girl surfers, mals, immigrant learners,and to top it off , two guys came out and rode windsurfers thru the line up!!! What is truly distressing is as an older 30 years surfer the drop in rule no longer exists, they dont even look inside or say sorry mate, just blatant. I love the big surf cause it thins out the line up and on a giant rare day watch the tow-inns on the cliff above the queensie bombie and hope they make the waves,keep surfin before the world ends…….

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