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Posted by: on December 21st, 2008

Hello Friends,

Lots and lots of folk having a splash this morning.

Lots and lots of folk having a splash this morning.

Sunday starts out with light winds and a little SE swell for the thousands to enjoy. Dee Why looks pretty crowded (whadya expect given the mild sunny temps on the first weekend of the hols?). Sets look as though they might occasionally get into the chest high range, but for the most part I’d be expecting to find mostly waist high and smaller waves this morning.

Swell direction looks to have moved a little more to the east overnight. Sadly the MHL buoy is off the air again, so we don’t have the extra assurance of an objective record. Reminds one of Mr Dylan’s famous line… you don’t need a weatherman to tell ya which way the wind blows.

If you’re getting out there for a wave – and I reckon you should do – looks like the plan is to get yourself into the patient zone so you can enjoy your share of whatever Huey feels like serving up.

Go well!

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