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Five metre White Pointer at Long Reef today…

Sometime this afternoon. There was video footage of the shark taken by the fishermen on Channel 7 news at 6pm today. Probably be repeated sometime later.


Great white shark menaces kayakers

December 27, 2008

Article from: Australian Associated Press

A GREAT white shark has menaced a group of kayakers off Sydney’s northern beaches until some quick-thinking fishermen in a tinnie went to their rescue.

The fishermen at first made light of the danger when they spotted the five-metre shark off Long Reef, Channel 7 reported.

The fishermen can be heard shouting “great white” and “how’s your undies boys” on a tape of the incident before they realise that one of the three kayakers was in the water and raced to his aid.

Kayaker Steve Kulscar was in the water for about a minute.

With the massive shark slowly circling, the other two kayakers lashed their craft to the tinnie and sat out the drama that lasted about 10 minutes.

At one stage the men can be heard saying “look at the size of it, it’s bigger than the boat” as the shark edged ever closer until eventually it swam off.

“I want to get his address and send him a case of beer, that’s the least I could do,” Mr Kulscar told 7.

“I really should sign the mortgage over.”
Another of the kayakers, Justin Stanger, said: “I’m thinking, ‘I hope I don’t look like a seal or a turtle.”

“I’m hoping it’s not that hungry.”