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Two men, two bikes, a couple of tents and a hell of a lot of coastline…Dave and Foulsh are two men foolishly giving up a summer of surf trips in the car, to ride their pushies around the coast of Oz. Dave from Sydney to Adelaide and Foulsh from Sydney to Perth.


Introducing David Barrett-Lennard and Ian Foulsham and their epic cycle ride along the Australian south coast commencing Sunday 1 February from Cronulla, Sydney. The aim of the trip is to bring attention to, and raise funds, for Surfrider Foundation and their cause, that is: C.A.R.E. (Conservation, Activism, Research and Education) for one of our most precious resources – the ocean and coastline. 


The guys will be stopping at a number of significant spots along the way, aiming to raise awareness of prominent coastal issues (details and itinerary below). follow the journey, stay updated and make donations.


All funds raised will go to support the non-for-profit organisation Surfrider Foundation Australia: 

Julia Chunn, General Manager of Surfrider Foundation Australia, said:


“Surfrider is thrilled to see that two dedicated surfers are taking to the road to raise funds and awareness for the work of the Surfrider Foundation. We encourage all surfers who love their breaks to take action to preserve our beaches and coastlines. Surfrider’s goal is to encourage beach users to care and then act. We encourage all beach lovers to become aware of local beach issues, we encourage them to become members and find out how they can do something to make a difference.”


Dave – David Barrett-Lennard


Foulsh – Ian Foulsham

The mission by numbers…

Ok, here’s the task at hand:

Distances: Sydney to Melbourne – 906km

Melbourne to Adelaide – 1040km

Adelaide to Perth – 2716km.

Total – 4662km

Dave’s Mission: Sydney to Adelaide: 1946km over 14 days = 139km/day 

Foulsh’s Mission: Sydney to Perth – 4662km over 36 days = 129.5km/day

That’s not going to be too hard, right?

The battle for the ocean and coast…

Surfrider members in Australia and their friends in branches world-wide work on a volunteer basis to protect and enhance the world’s oceans, waves, beaches and surfing spots. They work for clean water, beach access, beach preservation and to protect places of special significance.

The Surfrider movement in the US now lists more than a hundred campaigns they are actively involved in to preserve the coast. 

Here in Australia, Surfrider is engaged in many similar battles, some of which the guys aim to visit and highlight on their trip:


An itinerary…

  • Sunday 1 February – Wanda Beach, Cronulla, NSW

The boys will be commencing their ride from Wanda Beach, Cronulla, Sydney. They are hoping to raise awareness of the drastic impact that sand mining has had on the Kurnell Peninsula. The sand hills have been mined for the Sydney building industry since the 1930’s, removing 170 million tons of sand, which has had various drastic impacts:

  • Numerous deep-water pits
  • Reduction in sand quantity and hence quality of waves/ banks in Cronulla
  • Only a few remnant dunes left
  • Weakened the peninsula’s ability to defend against storms and hence threaten the internationally protected Ramsar Wetlands of Botany Bay


  • Friday 5 February – Bastion Point, Mallacoota, VIC

A proposed 150m long and 3m high breakwater and boat launching facility fails the test on environmental, safety and economic grounds. 

It will also destroy the local surf break. The massive concrete breakwater will completely destroy what is otherwise a pristine coastline, including the dynamiting of a pristine reef.

Bastion Point is the main surf break in town. It is the only surf break within 100km of Mallacoota that can hold surf when the wind and swell comes from the southwest, the dominant wind and swell direction, as the breaks are protected from direct southerly winds. 

The proposed breakwater will cut the surf break in half. It’s time surfers put a stop to the government’s destruction of our recreational assets.

  • Thursday 12 February – South Australia

Location in South Oz yet to be confirmed…


 *Please note dates are approximate and dependant on the boys travels. For updates on their location and ETA please contact Amy Glancey (details above).

Surfrider’s Ongoing Public Awareness Campaigns…

Surfrider actively promotes a number of public campaigns including:

  • Rise Above Plastics– highlighting the destruction caused by dumping plastic into the ocean.
  • Project Blue – Be true blue. It’s not a charity. It’s a plan of action! Buy Billabong boardies made from recycled plastic bottles!
  • Hold On to your Butt! – Cigarette butts are the most littered item in the world. 2,000,000,000 get tossed each day. Surfrider reminds all smokers that their habit can have a massive impact on marine life.
  • Ocean Care Day – it began in Manly, NSW, as an initiative of the Manly Environment Centre and Surfrider Foundation and is now a national day. The theme for 2008 was Melting Ice – A Hot Topic & Climate Change. 

For more information on campaigns go to:



Amy Glancey will be acting as a media contact in relation to the ride. Amy can be contacted at:

Amy: [email protected]
0402 181 555

Dave and Foulsh are both available for interview during their trip and can be contacted at:

Foulsh: [email protected]
+65 813 82553

Dave: [email protected]
0414 779 029

About Surfrider Foundation Australia:

Surfrider is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of Australia’s oceans, waves and beaches for all people through Conservation, Advocacy, Research and Education.

We have 29 chapters nationwide, international affiliates in the USA, Japan, Brazil and Europe, and over 80,000 members worldwide. 

Surfrider advocates for the sustainable management and use of the coastal zone, including coastal river catchments and offshore activities. 

Our opportunities to enjoy the coast: its clean water, its biodiversity and its spectacular landforms, are influenced by the actions of individuals, the aspirations of business and the policies of all levels of government. 

Surfrider aims to increase awareness of many issues impacting on our enjoyment of the coast, and to ensure that our children have similar opportunities to enjoy it as we have today.

While Surfrider has members from all walks of life, 70% of our active members are young males and females aged 16-35. During the last two years, Surfrider has established itself in this market through active promotion of programs in both the surfing and mainstream media.

Surfrider is a company limited by guarantee, and is registered by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. A.B.N. is 86 061 168 527. 

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