Oxford Falls Valley – Impact to Narrabeen Lagoon Catchment

Posted by: on February 9th, 2009

Even as Wall Street consults the entrails of the goat on the steps of the New York stock exchange, the Wizards of Oz are planning to sell off the Warringah Farm.

The BATTLE FOR OXFORD FALLS VALLEY continues. The resident’s army needs YOU! NOW is the time to step up and fight!

We are at the pointy end of a five-year battle!





Almost 400 units. Four storeys high! Motel, bowling greens, restaurants, shops, swimming pool, gymnasium – a mini-city  aged care “resort” in the middle of the semi-rural haven of Oxford Falls Valley!

This development by Sid Londish ( Tiffany Developments Pty Ltd.), will be the end of the Oxford Falls Valley – the semi-rural valley you enjoy on your ( already congested) drive down the Wakehurst Parkway.






Take a moment to make your protest heard. Write a letter, an email, make a phone call, come to a meeting, tell your friends!

Objections must be made by February 27!!

No matter how short or lengthy your objection might be- this is a numbers game. Thousands of objections will make the NSW Minister for Planning, Kristina Keneally take note!

This cannot be another Catherine Hill Bay or Currawong!

It is important that we gather hundreds of submissions and that each is different. Please use our suggestions as a guide and make your protest personal.

Write immediately and tell the State Planning Minister, Kristina  Keneally MP how you feel.


·      I object to this development that includes almost 400 apartments because…


·      I object to this development that includes 656 car park parking spaces because…


·      I object to this development that includes 38 separate buildings including 8 x four-storey buildings and 18 x three-storey buildings because…


·      I object to this development that includes a motel, golf course, shops, restaurants, supermarket, gym and bowling alley because…


I am worried about :

The effect on the Narrabeen Lakes Catchment area.

The lack of public transport and increased traffic.

The effect on the native flora and fauna.

The change in character for this semi-rural haven.

The lack of compliance with Warringah Planning Policy (LEP 2000) or State Planning Policy ( Seniors Living Policy and Metropolitan Strategy).

This plan is only at concept stage – how big could it become?


Write a submission, pen a letter, send an email – no matter how long or short. Make your views heard!!

On lineOfag.info/reject ( this will take you automatically to the Dept of Planning)

By mail: The Director,Urban Assessments,Department of Planning. GPO Box 39. Sydney.NSW 2001

Contact directCatherine.ott[email protected] Ph: 9228 62 63 Fax: 9228 6540

For further information go to: www.ofag.info or join our mailing list at:  info.ofag.info

Thanks for your support from the Oxford Falls Action Group – fighting for your family’s future!

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  1. b&M Maher on February 22nd 2009, 6:14 am

    Roads & traffic problems.Does not comply with State planning.

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