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Posted by: on March 19th, 2009

Sadly, not looking too encouraging this morning.

Sadly, not looking too encouraging this morning.

Hello Friends,

Up just ahead of the sun, grabbed a quick snap… and then the computer fell over. Ah, technology… as Matt and PB have noted, we’re not looking too flash. No one in the water at Dee Why when I took the pic and turning to the latest info from the MHL buoy, one can see why. The windswell has gone around to the ENE from yesterday morning’s SSE. Size is still averaging around the 1-1.5m mark, but the all important period setting slumped to 6 seconds last night and has just crept back up to a touch under 8 sec. (it was near 9 yesterday). Pretty marginal settings you’d have to say.

Consequences at Dee Why look pretty dire to me. I’m pretty sure you couldn’t surf down the southern end of the beach with anything less than a SUP.

I’m therefore not optimistic that a loop around the beaches south of Dee Why will reveal much. However, I shall do my self-appointed duty. (Besides, it gives me an excuse to be out picture taking!)

Might try to do one of my live broadcast things too…

More later!

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