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Posted by: on May 8th, 2009

Hello Friends,

Closing in on the old Sydney town… we did get some little waves on the way home too. Nothing to rave about, but they were fun. Pulled into Scotts Head and found that the swell was just starting to show a tiny bit. Mostly it was under waist high, but now and again something a touch bigger would roll around the point and into the cool offshore. You really needed to have a mal for all but the biggest ones and they didn’t have a ton of energy so you really had to surf them carefully to stay in the wave as it ran into the beach. About a dozen folks out, including at least a couple who check this site apparently. Quite the hoot.

The weather turned drizzly as we got ready to leave. I grabbed a shot which I think is reasonably representiative of what was happening.

Late arvo and the sets getting a bit bigger and more consistent.

Late arvo and the sets getting a bit bigger and more consistent.

It looks to me as though Sydney could be seeing three metres of south swell at around ten seconds apart by tomorrow morning. We’re set to have S to SW wind with it, so there should be some options around for intermediate and experienced surfers. And the models continue to predict that we’ll get a solid run of south swell right through about Thursday. Size range looks like it could make it into double overhead at the most exposed spots early in the new week. Naturally I’ll be updating as often as possible over the period.

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