Byron Bay Today’s Weekend Windup May 29th 2009

Posted by: on May 30th, 2009
Sometimes you just got to go, in Byron Bay Today.
Sometimes you just got to go, in Byron Bay Today.

Welcome to the In Byron Bay Today Weekend Windup. What an radical week it’s been. I mean seriously we’ve had it all. Storms, radical tides, huge swells, destructive wind and then the exact opposite, calm quiet and tiny swell. We got  blessed with some classic barrels. The crew were excited and hoping it would last a few days. But it was a flash in the pan; it was all over in a matter of hours. But we’re a resilient mob here In Byron bay and some of us old salts will surf just about anything, with no more rationale for it than the idea of just getting wet. After all, surfing is meant to be about having fun. And fun was in plentiful supply as the end of the week saw small but utterly perfect logger waves slide on into the bay. The only sign of there ever being a storm at all was the dune erosion and the deep copper coloured water.  This week has been massive we’ve all had to face destructive winds, floods, massive tides and swell. Yet it all fell back into perspective as the week rolled on, revealing itself as just another big event lived the way we do it here. One day at a time, In Byron Bay Today.

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