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Posted by: on June 4th, 2009

Surf forecast issued Thursday 4 June 2009: Seven day outlook for Sydney: 

Small and gettin’ smaller for the Snowy, but we should have some fine weather after the dark skis and rain.

Friday: about 1 metre or so North East, East.

Saturday:about 1 metre South East, East.

Sunday: 1 metre or less.

Monday: less than 1 metre.

Tuesday: 1 metre or less dead South.

Wednesday: about 1 metre dead South.

Thursday: ditto.


More News later…

Weather from the Bureau 

Forecast for Thursday evening 
A shower or two. Fog patches developing. Light winds.  
Precis: Shower or two.

Forecast for Friday  
Morning fog areas. The chance of a shower, mostly afternoon. Partly cloudy. Light to moderate west to southwest winds. 
Precis: Morning fog. Chance shower.

City:         Min:  12 Max:  20   Parramatta: Min:  10 Max:  20

Terrey Hills: Min:  11 Max:  18   Penrith:    Min:  11 Max:  20

Liverpool:    Min:   9 Max:  20   Richmond:   Min:   9 Max:  19

UV Alert: Nil , UV Index predicted to reach 2 [Low]

Saturday Fine. Mostly sunny.

City:          Min:    9  Max:   20

West:          Min:    5  Max:   19

Sunday Chance shower.

City:          Min:    9  Max:   19

West:          Min:    5  Max:   18

Monday Fine.

City:          Min:   10  Max:   19

West:          Min:    7  Max:   18

Tuesday Fine.

City:          Min:    9  Max:   17

West:          Min:    5  Max:   17

Wednesday Fine.

City:          Min:    8  Max:   18

West:          Min:    4  Max:   17

Thursday Mostly fine.

City:          Min:    9  Max:   17

West:          Min:    5  Max:   16

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