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Posted by: on October 27th, 2009

Tim Bonython’s latest Australian Surf Movie Festival Comes to the Balgowlah RSL at 8 pm tonight.

I’ve got a couple pairs of tix to give away to the show (must be 18 or over to attend!). All you have to do is be the first to send me your name and moby/ph so that I can have Tim put it on the door list.

To give you an idea of what the show’s about, here’s a pic and a note Tim sent out to his friends… (you’ll also find a link to his online booking page too)

ASMF Shipsterns sequence should be scary.

ASMF Shipsterns sequence should be scary.

This year has been a very good year.

If I was to rate a successful trip/shoot like a bottle of wine, I would give this year a 93/100.

This year there were two very memorable surf shoots that I will put into my top 10 surf shoots EVER in my 30 years of looking, which is all part of this years ASMF – Take 8.

I have sub titled this years ASMF as the past – present & future. The past has been the best of my gold from over the years – the present has been the best of what I have shot this year here in Australia & overseas & the FUTURE is the tow-in event with Australia’s best juniors in my old home ground of South Australia at Streaky Bay with the Intense Wave Invitational where the surf was as good as gets with 20 to 30 feet walls of perfection – as good as anyway where, even better than big Sunset Beach.

And then there is what I shot in Tassy last week. No one has disputed that Shipsterns was as big & heavy as it was last Monday & lucky I slipped away while creating the master for this years festival to bring back the gold back & make this years festival finale as good as it could be.

The footage from this session is simply mind blowing.

Every time I look at it & question it, why no one was seriously injured or even killed during this day at Shipsterns.

It was unbelievable & totally historic.

ASMF 2009 kicks off

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