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Posted by: on November 30th, 2009
Click here for the full update, In Byron Bay Today.

Click here for the full update, In Byron Bay Today.

 I mean really Huey this is ridiculous, yes it’s still spring and we do expect the odd northerly blow to come howling through. But that was some wicked rush of air that was howling through town today. There were dreadlocked hippies were doing Medusa impersonations as their hair became  animated in the wind. Tourists got free skin exfoliation as they were  sandblasted walking up the beach. But there were waves. Now I know there will be those that will argue with me. There were plenty of people complaining about the lack of surf. It’s a fact that the most obvious spot, out of the wind was producing very average conditions at best. But I’m a great believer in thinking outside of the box. So we went and had a look were nobody else did, and guess what? We scored. There were some pretty funky looking waves. Yeah it was twisted, bumpy and had a bloody strong sweep, definitely not for the beginners. But for us, there were empty waves going begging on a hot sunny Sunday, and that’s not something you don’t hear of very often In Byron Bay Today.

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