Nick Carroll: Waimea and other notes…

Posted by: on December 9th, 2009

Another terrific piece from Nick Carroll. The boy can write, no two ways about it… Here’s how he starts the story off (link to complete article follows)

Waimea and other notes…

Post by Nick Carroll » Tue Dec 08, 2009 3:55 pm

hey gang, thought I’d start one of those chain letters that seem to work so well when you’re reporting from some crazy surfing epicentre. And there’s no epicentre like the North Shore of Oahu right now, as evening settles and a 30-40 foot groundswell absolutely hammers this incredible coastline, setting the stage for what no doubt will tomorrow be one of the sport’s great shows.

But I’m gonna tick the clock back a bit, a day, to Sunday evening in Hawaii, when the swell had yet to hit and there was nothing but rumours swirling and the Civil Defense people were actually considering closing the roads to the North Shore to prevent unnecessary loos of life, limb, or maybe just sanity.

Read the rest of the story here ->  Australia’s Surfing Life Forum • View topic – Waimea and other notes….

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