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Posted by: on January 18th, 2010

Hello Friends,

Had to drop my old tractor, er, car, in at mechanic’s for rego, so found myself fetched up in lovely Brookvale. Happily mate PB was free to give me a ride home, so we took the long way and checked the beach.

There were a few bods in the water up toward the Queenscliff end of Manly. Seemed to be a bit of a wait for waves, but every now and then a little mal-able option rolled gently in from the sparkling horizon.

Over at Freshy there were similar numbers in the water and the waves were about the same size if not a touch bigger on the sets. The only problem is that there are just no banks there at the moment, so every single one of them was shutting down, including the set wave in the picture below…

Last spot we checked out was Curly. It was around the same size as Manly and showing the same weakness. Looked like you could maybe get a fish up to speed for a few moments as the wave stood up, but that’s about it. Again, water looked inviting and the wind wasn’t into it. There are worse ways to kick off a week…

Finally, I just had a call from Brian up in Ooffs who reports that at long last they have a little something to play on. Wave faces are into the three foot range on what looks to him to be a mainly east swell.

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