100 pics: Busy Northy had a few this morning

Posted by: on April 8th, 2010

Northy was picking up the east swell Thursday morning. Got there maybe an hour before the wind started taking it apart. Quite crowded but I stuck around because my mate the legendary Tom Kirsop was out in the lineup and I wanted to see if I could get a pic of him. Being 80 and on the other side of a couple hip operations, he takes his time picking ’em. In the end I got a few of shots of him – plus about a hundred of everybody else who was in the water between about 0900 and 1000. I reckon if you got a right, I got a shot! Check ’em out…

North Narrabeen 8 April 2010 (am) – Images by Don Norris
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In due course it turned pretty sideshore, so I pulled up stakes and headed for the desk to get some magazine work knocked over.

By the way, here’s a shot of Tom on one of the bomb sets…

And a couple more folks…



I’ll add a gallery of all the shots later today.

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