Small Sunday

Posted by: on April 11th, 2010

Hello Friends,

Nice conditions this morning, shame about the swell. Wind was moderate from the NW so places like No Mans with reasonable exposure to the southerly swell direction looked nice – even though the sets are struggling to get to waist high for the most part. Banks are pretty ordinary up that way it has to be said. Actually they aren’t too flash anywhere I’ve checked lately. We’re still in the transition phase to winter, so they’re by and large pretty parallel with the shore at this stage.

General outlook for today and tomorrow is for the swell to stay at about this level. The wind is set to pick up from the westerly quarters, so while it will be nicely offshore, it’ll also be pushing against the incoming swell. If you can find a little something to steer the mal along or work with a fish, consider yourself fortunate.

The latest run of the models suggests that from about midweek we should start seeing a little more energy. A couple of the interpretations are showing a very interesting and intense long period south pulse filling in on Friday. If the call is right, we could see double overhead conditions at exposed spots. This is right at the extremity of the prediction models though, so I wouldn’t be committing to anything just yet. Might be sensible to block it out in the diary though…

Have yourself a spiffing Sunday!

Sydney Coastal Waters, Broken Bay to Port Hacking and 60nm seawards:
Sunday until midnight: Wind: Northwesterly 15/20 knots tending west to southwest at 20/25 knots in the evening.Sea: about 1 metre rising 1.5 to 2.5 metres. Swell: Easterly about 1.5 metres.
Monday: Wind: West to southwesterly 20/25 knots decreasing to 15/20 knots during the morning then becoming southwesterly 10/15 knots during the afternoon.Sea: 2 to 2.5 metres abating about 1 metre in the afternoon. Swell: Southerly about 1.5 metres.
Tuesday: Wind: South to southwesterly 10 to 15 knots tending south to southeasterly up to 10 knots during the evening.

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