Sometimes you win, sometimes…

Posted by: on April 27th, 2010

Hello Friends,

Ensconced in the lovely Broken Head caravan park (where they have wi-fi, woohoo), we are now hoping against all reason that there will be waves some place in the Ballina-Byron region tomorrow.

The day started with a beautiful morning in Crescent Head after kipping out in friend Tim’s parents’ holiday batch backyard. Full moon last night was a treat and the fruit bats visiting the wattle nearby made for a slightly eerie spectacle. During the dark hours the point started making noise, but by morning it had died away and was microscopic, if perfectly formed.

So we headed north, hoping that somehow we might catch up with some swell. Got to Ballina mid afternoon and there appeared to be some small waves on the beaches near town. The mighty Lennox only had a dozen bods attending it. They were catching some low tide scraps right near the top of the point. Looked to be around the waist high mark. We left them to it and checked the reefs but decided they looked a bit weak and small. Might as well make for the digs up at Broken, we thought.

Turned out to be pretty small here too. Hardly surprising really. Went for a late one in the tiny shories on our short boards. Size was basically waist high or less and the power factor was not impressive at all. Still, the water is delightfully warm and we had a nice sunset after a fairly dull and cloudy afternoon.

Will the boys find anything at all tomorrow? Stay tuned… I shall report for your amusement and edification!

Go well one and all.

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