On Surfari: heading home day & one last sesh

Posted by: on May 2nd, 2010

Hello Friends,

Slept under the stars last night at Crescent Head (thanks Timbo!) and once again the noise from the beach convinced us that the swell was picking up. It’d been awful small when we checked Scotts Head on the way south yesterday afternoon (no sand in the corner, so the joint needs some serious swell to work atm). Crescent didn’t look much good either as the sun set on Saturday.

First light revealed that the swell hadn’t changed much, but at least the junky NE wind of last night was gone and it was glassy smooth. We paddled out shortly after the sun came over the horizon and there were already 40 people up the point from us. Looked like a lot of us were on the other side of 50 too.

It was fairly setty, but being crescent, if you were on a mal, it was possible to make 100 m + things that weren’t much above thigh high. Every now and then a bit bigger set would turn up to keep things interesting. Invariably there’d be someone on ’em, but if you were patient and picked where the waves were backing off or sectioning, there were opportunities aplenty – despite the crowd.

Tapping this out as we’re driving south. The Telstra wireless is cutting in and out heaps on the stretch between Kempsey and Taree… not sure if we’ll make any more stops now… that NE’r will be knocking things about at most places. Might just keep rolling for home.

Go well with your Sunday!

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