PICS: Newport & Avalon Thr 10/6/10

Posted by: on June 11th, 2010

Although the day started out flat, a fresh south pulse filled in rapidly from late morning and by the time I headed out for a closer look, it was overhead at many south spots. Decided to head up to Avalon and Newport for a look.

Only a few bods in at the south end of Av and it wasn’t really too spectacular looking. Waited around and got a few set waves being ridden. Then went down to Newport where The Peak was looking pretty reasonable. Not many lefts, but some fun looking and often solid rights were coming through. Again, not many people in the water, but I shot for awhile anyway because Derek Hynde was out and doing interesting things on a finless board…

Newport and Avalon 10 June 2010 – Images by Don Norris

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