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Posted by: on November 2nd, 2010

Hello Friends,

While lots of folks were off at Melbourne Cup parties, a few of us were chasing entertainment of a different sort at Sydney’s south swell spots. Said swell perked up through the morning, going from around 2 metres on average at daybreak to closer to 3 by early afternoon. The average period bumped up a little as well to about 9 seconds. At Dee Why point that translated into sets with faces into the head high range. There were quite a few lulls, but by the time I went in around 1300 they were turning up more frequently. The southerly seemed to be staying out to sea, so the surface was pretty smooth. Looked at from the beach it seemed kind of sectiony, but in the water it wasn’t too bad.

Around 3 pm the wind swung straight south and the ocean is pretty beat up looking even in the corner at Dee Why.

The latest run of the models predicts a drop in the swell overnight sadly. The wind is set to be SW in the morning, but then it’s expected to work around to the south and south east by tomorrow afternoon. Right now it looks like there might be something surfable in the morning, but after that we seem set to drop back into marginal until the next little pulse turns up (Sunday morning maybe).

Here’s a little gallery from the morning’s sesh…

Dee Why Point 2 Nov 2010 – 1100-1300 – Images by Don Norris

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