Surfrider We Love Waves: question the speakers

Posted by: on November 10th, 2010

The Surfrider crew invite you to pose a question to our We Love Waves conference speakers. Organisers have set aside time for up to 20 questions submitted in advance of the conference (which will be held on Saturday 20 November). This facility is open to registered attendees and, importantly, to anyone who’d like to participate with a question.

All you need to do is jump to the site by clicking here and use the form to submit your question for our speakers.

* Hon Ian Cohen NSW Greens MLC: My Life As An Activist
* Kristy Theissling Surfrider General Manager: Marine Plastic
* Ruben Meerman ABC’s Surfing Scientist: The Science of Waves
* Simon Anderson: The Legend Behind Inventing The Thruster
* Vaughan Blakey Surfing World Mag. Editor: Surfing Media & Environmental Issues

Registration for the We Love Waves conference is open to anyone with a passion for surfing and the environment. Click here for all the details.

Check out the We Love Waves Saturday agenda here.

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