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PowerBand wrist straps forced to retract misleading ads by Aus TGA Complaints Resolution Panel

If you suspected a bit of BS was doing the rounds with those “PowerBand” wrist strap ads, the Australian Consumer ComplaintsResolution Panel  (http://www.tgacrp.com.au/) agrees.

After a number of people complained to the Therapeutic Goods Administration and those claims were rejected on the grounds of the device not being a “Therapeutic Device” the issue was taken on by Professor Ken Harvey of Latrobe University who took them to task and escalated the issues to the TGA Complaints Resolution Tribunal and has achieved a judgement against their claims for false and misleading advertising.

They have now been required to publish a retraction on all websites where the product was sold in Australia admitting that they made unlawful claims, not supported by any evidence. Now, if only they would be forced to refund all the money they’ve ripped off of unsuspecting mugs!

I’ve posted a copy of the judgement on my website here:


Here’s a link to a previous article in the Sydney Morning Herald prior to the judgement:


One small win for science and reason.

Look for additional articles in the Sydney Morning Herald and other mainstream media soon.

Oh, the power of the placebo!