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Posted by: on January 18th, 2011

Hello Friends,

Have a look at the MHL data for Sydney (below) and you can see why this morning is back to small (but not absolutely flat) again. At lunch time yesterday the swell was almost east at two metres, now it’s dead south. But more importantly, the period slumped from a juicy 14sec to our usual 8s. There were a couple folks in the water patrolling the point at Dee Why and for their trouble were getting the odd waist high thing near the rocks. Another few bods were scattered along the beach where they too were winkling out the odd rideable section.

Hope you were among the many who found a wave to play on over the last couple days!

It looks from the chart as though we’re in to a declining swell pattern for the next couple days. The latest run of the models for our region is currently showing a slight bump upward on Thursday. At this stage it doesn’t look as though it’ll be spectacular, but if it plays out as forecast, we should get something in the waist to chest high range at spots that like s to se energy. We shall see…

Go well with your day!

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