PICS: ya really missed it (or maybe you didn’t!)

Posted by: on March 14th, 2011

Was out and about with my camera on Monday morning the 14th of March and stopped by Curly to see what the little east windswell was doing. I got there about 0915 and was bummed to discover I shoulda thrown the board in the car. It was mostly around the waist high mark, but there were definitely a few bigger than that. Anyway, I stuck around and shot pictures until the southerly came in a little before 1000 and obliterated the place.

In the end I came back with over a hundred shots. To see ’em all, just click on the picture below. As usual, all shots are available in a variety of sizes at extremely reasonable prices. Once you get there, just click on an image and then look top left for the buying options link.

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