Aw Huey…

Posted by: on June 10th, 2011

Afternoon update:

Used the excuse of needing to test the new Olympus TG-810 tough waterproof camera to jump in at Dee Why point this morning before the clouds came over. When I pulled up there were some nice solid looking lines coming in. I thought I might be a bit under-gunned by the end of the session due to the forecast dramatic swell increase. At that stage the MHL Sydney buoy was showing more than 2 metres of 10-12 sec south swell.

But it all changed when I got in the water.

Maybe it was the SW wind, maybe it was just Huey being contrary, but whatever the explanation, the swell immediately began to back off. The sets weren’t as big and the lulls were getting longer. By the time I gave up on it an hour and half later, the crowd had dropped from a dozen to only two or three and nothing over waist high had turned up in the previous half hour. Still, I managed to jag a few waves and a few snaps while I was about it.

As I changed in the carpark, the sky began to cloud over per the BoM’s prediction.

By 1400 the ocean was a mass of white horses, the swell was a dribbly looking metre or so at Dee Why and the MHL buoy was showing 2 metres of 8-11 sec south swell. Very disappointing. I’d hoped we might get something quite a bit better than that…

Oh well, so it goes!

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