Thursday afternoon wrap

Posted by: on June 16th, 2011

Hello Friends,

A little evening update for ya. Well, as predicted the wind shifted around to the SW and backed off to 10-15 kts as we got toward dusk. The swell got a little more east to it and according to the MHL data, the average period jumped dramatically to 12 seconds. It was around the 2.5m mark on average, so there was enough energy for it to wrap around into the more favouarbly oriented south Narrabeen to Whiterock zone.

A small crew were chasing the usual short rides at Whiterock. Looked to maybe be into the shoulder high range on the sets. At Collaroy it was roughly the same size, but slower and pretty busy. Up the beach there were a few bods chasing clean, mostly shutting down sections south of the Marquesas. North from there the swell is bigger, but the wind is sideshore and the shutdowns and rips rule.

By tomorrow morning the models are saying the swell will still be from the east, but smaller. Wind is expected to be 15 to 20 kts from the SW. Tide will be high ar around 0920 and skies will be clearing as we head into a sunny Friday. Could be fun at east spots.

Go well!








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