The late mail

Posted by: on June 30th, 2011

Hello Friends,

Was down at Dee Why right on dark for a picture shoot (might get a snap of me in the Sunday Tele), so I had plenty of time to watch the goings on at the peak just north of the SLSC. The 8 second period SE windswell may be a couple metres out at sea, but at the beach it was about waist to chest high with the odd bigger one. They looked very soft and weak sadly, but the wind wasn’t doing much and there were a small number of surfers getting amongst it.

Friday’s expected to have light onshores in the morning, picking up a touch toward lunch, Tide’ll be coming off a high at 0807 and heading toward a low at around 1340. It’s expected to be grey and cloudy with the odd shower too.

Have a good Thursday and catchya tomorrow morning!

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