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Posted by: on July 9th, 2011

Hello Friends,

Just a quick evening wrap.

I spent the day shooting – but not surfing – lots of waves (have a case of bronchitis underway, so it seemed smart not to get in the water). Started out by driving up to Palmy for a look. There were some fun waves to be had, but it was too inconsistent to make setting up the camera worthwhile, plus, I knew that there were definitely photographic prospects back down the peninsula.

Ended up at Avalon for the day’s first shooting session. I was there for an hour and a half or so in the late morning. Sets were impressive and it was pretty consistent. I’d say the biggest wave faces were comfortably over the old ten-foot mark. Anyway, here’s a shot from the sesh:

After a sustaining coffee (thanks Rog and Annette!) I headed south. There were some fun looking and rather busy big things at Newport but everybody was sitting so far outside, I decided to keep going. Ended up stopping briefly south of Mactier Street where there were a few folks chasing makeable ones amongst the shutdowns at South Narrabeen. It wasn’t too consistent though, so after getting a few snaps, I resumed my southward wander… here’s a sample shot though:

Next stop was Long Reef. There were a few people out on the bombies getting the odd very big left, and there were a lot more people out in front playing cat and mouse with the makeable ones amongst the big shutdowns. Dee Why looked better though, so I continued on…

That peak was still doing its thing, but the point just didn’t seem to be all that interesting. I set up where the lifeguards sit during the summer months and shot people picking up on the left (while occasionally grabbing a snap of the point as well). It was extremely busy, but that didn’t seem to be discouraging anyone! Here’s a piccy:

It looks like the Bureau thinks tomorrow will start out big but start to fade from lunch time. Well, fade from 2-4 metres to 2-3 metres. The models are still predicting very long period (18-19sec in one case!!) swell. However, as of 1845 Saturday evening, there wasn’t any sign of that kinda stuff. Pretty much everywhere was sitting on 12-14 seconds.

Said models have also decided that maybe Monday afternoon will see the swell at peak size… And they reckon it’ll keep pumping through Tuesday before taking a breather Weds and giving us another serve Thr-Fri.

Assuming I don’t get any more crook, I’m planning to be shooting again tomorrow! Have yourself a great evening.

Sunday 10 July Marine Forecast from the BoM
Westerly 15 to 25 knots increasing to 25 to 30 knots around midday. Winds increasing to westerly 30 to 40 knots during the afternoon.
Up to 2 metres increasing to 2 to 3 metres around midday then increasing to 4 metres by early evening.
Southerly 2 to 4 metres decreasing to 2 to 3 metres from midday.
Large swells breaking dangerously close inshore.

Want to tip me about where to shoot, where it is/was good etc? SMS to 0410468147 (no calls answered, this is text only)

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