Small SE wind waves for the early

Posted by: on January 21st, 2012

Hello Friends,

Glassy little SE wind swell making its way into the beaches of Sydney this morning. Swell is about a metre with an average period of 8 seconds. Tide hit high at 0630, so it was pretty fat and full for the early risers. That said, surface conditions were glassy under the dull grey sky that is this summer’s signature look.

By the time we get to low tide at about 1315, the wind should have settled into a breezy 10-15 kt SE. So various places that were options early, probably won’t be then.

Tomorrow looks like being smaller but maybe turning around a bit sizewise toward evening as the E to SE wind ramps up into the 20-25kt range.

Monday looks like being onshore with a couple metres of east messiness.

Basically the forecasts are calling for another week of onshores and on again off again cloudy skies.

Oh well, what can ya do but stay happy, eh?





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