Gloomy Saturday morning

Posted by: on October 6th, 2012

Hello Friends,

Not too flash looking this morning along the beaches. Heavy overcast and visibility down to less than 5km as the day got started. Light drizzle falling as well. Not much wind about though and there is a small line hinting, I hope, at bigger things to come.

You’d need to be very keen and have something floaty to make use of the kick off conditions. As far as Dee Why was concerned, nobody was motivated to run the dawn patrol.

Winds should go NE and pick up into the 25-30 kt range by late this afternoon. At the same time, we should see the south swell building and by this evening the Bureau says we could be seeing “large swells breaking dangerously close inshore”

For what it’s worth, the data from down the coast at Eden was showing over two metres of 10 sec period south swell, while here in Sydney we were still on about 1.5m at 8-9s.

The swell forecast models are not unanimous on timing. Some reckon like the Bureau that we’ll have solid longer period energy by dusk, while others project the energy filling in overnight and lasting to about Tuesday early.

Wind is going to be a factor though. Tomorrow it’s set to start out SW at 25-30 kts, but then it’ll swing south and stay that way through Monday.

Tide’s not swinging too much today. High is at 1145 or so and low is about 1830.

Have yourself a great Saturday everyone!

Weather Situation
A low pressure system will cross New South Wales south coast later today and deepen bringing gale force winds to the south and central coasts and strong winds to the north coast. Winds will ease gradually during Sunday as the low moves rapidly towards New Zealand on Sunday.
Forecast for Saturday until midnight
East to northeasterly 10 to 15 knots tending north to northeasterly 25 to 30 knots in the evening.
Below 1 metre increasing to 1.5 metres by early evening then increasing to 2 to 3 metres later in the evening.
Southerly 2 metres.
The chance of thunderstorms offshore late this evening. Large swells breaking dangerously close inshore.
Sunday 7 October
West to southwesterly 25 to 40 knots turning southerly 20 to 25 knots during the day.
Up to 4 metres decreasing to 3 metres during the morning.
Southerly 2 to 3 metres increasing to 3 to 4 metres late in the evening.
Large swells breaking dangerously close inshore.
Monday 8 October
Southerly 15 to 20 knots turning east to southeasterly 10 to 15 knots during the afternoon then decreasing to about 10 knots during the evening.
Up to 1.5 metres decreasing to below 1 metre during the evening.
Southerly 3 to 4 metres.
Large swells breaking dangerously close inshore in the early morning.

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