Splashed at Northy

Posted by: on December 13th, 2012

Jagging one this morning

After taking care of a few chores, I wandered down to North Narrabeen to see how the tide and our little weak NE wind swell were interacting. It was one of those deals where you watch for quite awhile before pulling the trigger – one way or another.

It was smooth and there were only a dozen people out under sunny skies. So, I decided to overlook the obvious fatness and general gutlessness and went for a quick sesh.

In the end not particularly memorable really, but hey, I reeled off 10 waves in about an hour which is quite good for me. And a couple were even sort of vaguely amusing. There are worse ways to spend one’s time. Water was clear and just cool enough to validate the decision to pull the springy on.


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