Windblown Crescent Head but swell evident

Posted by: on September 4th, 2013

Crescent Head

Not a good look

Hello Friends,

Left Sydney around 1100 and got to Crescent a little after 4 having taken no detours. The onshores were pretty obvious as we drove north. And sure enough, when we pulled into the carpark it was obvious that a) the swell was bigger than what I’d seen this morning in Sydney and b) it was pretty much ripped to bits by the NE’r. PB’s good mate Greg is a local and he took us around to the back beach to see how things looked at a more protected location. It was cleaner, but with the light running out and a 20 min walk to the north end of the beach where the most surfable looking peak was working, we decided to pull the plug and put our hopes on tomorrow morning…

From the look of the forecasts, it’ll be pretty marginal in Sydney tomorrow morning, but up here, there just might be something worthy before the wind gets too strong.

We shall see… catchya tomorrow and have a great Thursday!

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