Crowded but rideable at Longy this morning

Posted by: on October 12th, 2013

Around 1100

Goin' left

Whack coming up

After posting this morning’s report, I wandered down to Longy to see if there might be something worth paddling around in. Shoulda taken the mal as it turns out because old guys on 6’3″ fishes tend to lose out to other (mostly) old guys on mals when you’re talking Longy bombies. Still, it was such a beaut morning, the water mild enough for me to declare the end of steamer wearing until next winter, that really, who could possibly complain? Yes, it was really crowded and not that consistent, but there were some chest plus sets and the wind wasn’t a factor until getting out time at around 1100.

BTW, many of you will have noticed that the crowdfunding target took a major cog backwards yesterday. Turns out one of the fine folk pledging support inadvertantly pledged 10x as much as he meant to. 🙂 I’m really glad he spotted the mistake and fixed it up. Of course that means I can’t be casual about pushing those of you still sitting on the fence to jump in with the rest of the crew. This has got to succeed, so I won’t be letting up. 🙂

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