Out and about

Posted by: on October 14th, 2013

Bower sheltered but...

Froth burger

Hiding to nothing

Wave of the morning?

Ride the Wild Surf

Where the swell's hitting

Out and about this morning and checked everywhere from Manly to North Narra. Bower was flat, Manly was scrappy but sort of do-able considering, Freshy was a case of NUP!, Curly – do you have to even ask?, Dee Why point swell not connecting, up the beach too much work for too little pay off, Collaroy, fat, slow and small per usual, far north Collaroy/way south Narra, cleanest of the bunch, very inconsistent though, Northy – yeah, right.

I’ve got a black page of doom to build, so see you on the other side!

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