"Stay happy and you'll be perfectly fine" - Jack Norris

Not the best looking Monday

Hello Friends,
Looks like I’m not missing a thing in Sydney. Blasting SE wind and plenty of sizable swell (3 metres, from the SE at 8 seconds) with the odd burst of rain. What a day you’re having. Dark over on my part of the planet. And pretty near flat too.
Tomorrow is supposed to see a decreasing southerly, with maybe a hope of a wave in the middle part of the day before the wind goes NE. Depends on how fast the swell drops back after today’s craziness.
Not a great looking forecast for Sydney across the rest of the week. My hopes of something worth getting wet in on my return day (Friday) look marginal. Basically it appears that the wind will stay south-ish for another week or so. Mind you, having not surfed for weeks due to the situation, I may just jump in anyway.
Go well with your evening!

Weather Situation
A strengthening high pressure system over the Bight moves slowly to the east over the next few days extending an east to southeasterly airstream over coastal NSW. In the far northeast a low pressure system is expected to intensify and move down the NSW coast later today and into Tuesday as the high moves southeast of Tasmania, steering the low to the South Coast later on Tuesday and the Bass Strait on Wednesday.
Forecast for Monday until midnight
Strong Wind Warning for Monday for Sydney Coastal Waters
Southeasterly 20 to 30 knots turning southerly in the middle of the day.
2 to 3 metres.
East to southeasterly 1 to 2 metres, increasing to 2 to 3 metres around midday, then tending southeasterly 2.5 to 3 metres during the afternoon.
Isolated thunderstorms offshore at night.
Tuesday 12 November
Southerly 15 to 25 knots becoming variable about 10 knots in the middle of the day then becoming north to northeasterly 15 to 20 knots in the late afternoon.
1.5 to 2.5 metres, decreasing below 1.5 metres during the morning.
Southeasterly 2 to 3 metres.
Scattered thunderstorms, becoming less likely during the evening.
Large and powerful surf conditions are expected to be hazardous for coastal activities such as crossing bars by boat and rock fishing.
Wednesday 13 November
South to southwesterly 10 to 15 knots tending northeast to southeasterly during the day then becoming variable about 10 knots during the evening.
1 to 1.5 metres, decreasing below 1 metre during the evening.
Northeasterly 1.5 to 2 metres, decreasing to 1.5 metres during the afternoon or evening.