Gone surfin’: Bower

Posted by: on September 1st, 2014

Jumped in the water for a bit this morning at the Bower. Had the GoPro onboard so I took a few snaps. It was a bit lully, but there were a few solidly overhead bombs and enough of the chest high stuff to go around. Wind gradually roughed it up so that it was pretty choppy by 1100, but the swell seemed to be rolling along okay. Anyway, herewith a few snaps for your amusement…

surge fairy bower

Under surge…

kneeboarding fairy bower manly

Eyeing off the lip…

surfer fairy bower

Typical of the smaller ones

surfing gopro fairy bower manly

Oooo… look at those rocks!

surfing with a gopro at manly fairy bower

Fun times at the Bower this am


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