Oh spring where is thy sting?

Posted by: on November 26th, 2014

Hello Friends,

Pretty quiet out there. Early this morning the MHL buoy was detecting about a metre of 9-sec south wind swell. Wind was 10-15kts from NE and the forecast is calling for partly cloudy and 25 degrees with maybe a shower or two late this afternoon. Next tide is a high at 1140.

So, maybe there’ll be a scrappy and marginal little something in one of the north corners. I reckon knee to waist would be an excellent result.

Still nothing much of interest showing in the charts, but the betting seems to have firmed a little for some swell activity out of the south on Friday. Maybe dawn patrol that day to beat the wind and get a little tidal push.

Long range forecast models are not drawing a happy picture for Sydney. They predict some activity for the western Tasman, but the energy is projected to be going away from us over the next 10 days or so.

Just a head’s up that I may or may not be able to update until the first or second of December as I’ll be on the road one way or another.

Go well everybody and hope you find yourself a wave!

Weather Situation

A trough is stalled and weakening on the far north coast. A weak high pressure ridge lies over the southern and central coast. A southeasterly change will move along the coast late Wednesday and Thursday. A high pressure system will move into the central Tasman Sea Friday with rather fresh southeast winds on the north coast but lighter winds over remaining waters until afternoon sea breezes develop. The high is expected to move east over the Tasman on the weekend as a slow moving trough deepens near the NSW/SA border, resulting in freshening northeasterlies along the NSW coast.

Forecast for Wednesday until midnight

Northeasterly about 10 knots increasing to 15 to 20 knots in the early afternoon.
Below 1 metre, increasing to 1 to 1.5 metres during the afternoon.
Southerly around 1 metre, increasing to 1 to 1.5 metres offshore during the morning.
Partly cloudy. 40% chance of showers this evening.

Thursday 27 November

Southeasterly 15 to 20 knots decreasing to about 10 knots in the evening.
1 to 1.5 metres, increasing to 1 to 2 metres during the morning, then decreasing to 1 metre around midday.
Southerly 1.5 metres, tending southeasterly 1 to 1.5 metres during the afternoon, then decreasing to around 1 metre by early evening.
Partly cloudy. 50% chance of showers.

Friday 28 November

South to southeasterly about 10 knots tending easterly 10 to 15 knots during the day then tending northeasterly during the afternoon.
Below 1 metre.
Southeasterly around 1 metre, tending southerly 1 to 1.5 metres during the morning.
Partly cloudy.

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