Piccies: The Kick and Collaroy late arvo

Posted by: on April 9th, 2015

Late afternoon, had to run an errand, didn’t have the mal, wish I had had. Did have the camera, so I grabbed a few more snaps to illustrate the benefit of low tide at the Kick and Collaroy. Waves were still pretty fat and slow, so best on a mal, but there were some fun slides going on every now and then. Swell was reasonably consistent and it was far from excessively crowded. Coulda, shoulda, woulda…

Have a great Thursday evening!

the kick collaroy

Set arrives at the Kick

the kick collaroy surfer

Kick cutty

collaroy surfer

Left in front of the pool, Collaroy

Collaroy surfer

Stepping up and saluting the sun at Collaroy

collaroy surfer

Stepper, Collaroy

Collaroy surfer

Another left in front of the pool

the kick collaroy surfer

Gliding the Kick

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