Sunday afternoon still some little waves at The Gardens

Posted by: on April 26th, 2015

If you didn’t mind the brisk temps and cloudy, spitty skies, there were waves to be had all day. I had to make a run to Manly mid-afternoon and it was ranging from knee high at South Steyne to chest high at North Steyne with offshores. Tide was high at 1500 and Beachwatch has pollution possible warnings from Curly to the Bower, so it was also pretty fat and sketchy looking water-wise.

The MHL buoy was showing 3 metres of dead south 7-sec wind swell. But even at Curly, the biggest wave faces would not have been much above shoulder high. And Dee Why was fatter and fuller looking but there do seem to be some banks up toward No Man’s. Around at the Collaroy-Narra stretch, there were waves in the waist to chest plus range from south Narrabeen to north of Gardens. Again, it was very full looking, so people really had to take off late to get into ’em.

Should still be something around tomorrow for the morning sesh, although the wind may be an issue.

Catchya then!

The Gardens surfing

1545 kinda fat peaks at The Gardens

South Narrabeen surf

Okay size and smooth

The Gardens surfing

Left and Right peak near twin dunnies

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