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Posted by: on June 13th, 2015

Hello Friends,

A few snaps from the Saturday morning circumnavigation of the Plateau to check the surf situation for my weekly radio gig on 702 ABC…

Skies were cloudy but temps were comparatively mild and the wind was minimal. The MHL buoy was picking up about 1.3 metres of 13-second SSE swell at 0600. Set wave faces at the best peaks were into the chest high range, but mostly you should expect a lot smaller than that.

Tide was high at 0515 and is now dropping to the low at 1115.

Thoughts about the outlook below the pics…

long reef lagoon surfing

Set wave at Longy Lugga


no mans surfer

No Man’s set about 0700


south narrabeen surfer

Bomb set at south Narra


north narrabeen surfers

Northy about 0700


The models are projecting smaller and weaker conditions tomorrow and Monday. The Bureau’s MetEye model is showing a couple of metres of swell developing on Tuesday. The problem is that it’s also showing 20-25 kts of NE wind too. Since MetEye doesn’t indicate swell direction or period, recourse to the NOAA-based modelling tells us that it should be mainly moderate period (13-14 sec) south with a mix of short period east wind chop. So, north corners might be the best shot.

The models project the swell event to fade out by Wednesday noon, but for another brief south pulse to push in for Friday afternoon – with offshores a possibility.

Much to conjure with then, so have yourself a top old Saturday and make sure you get your tickets booked for the International Surfing Day fundraiser at the Diggers Friday evening!

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