Home again and waves too but still very cold

Posted by: on July 19th, 2015

Hello Friends,

After a 2.5 day stopover in Waikiki on the way back to Oz, your correspondent has returned to regular reporting duties once more.
(It was just about flat on the south shore, but I did rent a mal for an hour and managed to catch something at Threes, where there were only four others in the water. I last surfed it as a raw beginner 46 years ago.)
Although the forecast is calling for 15-20 kts south-SE wind later, it was still offshore at 0830 when I grabbed today’s snaps of the 3 metre 11-sec SE swell from the RealSurf crows nest.
We’re going to a high of 16 today. There’s a 70% chance of more showers too. Tide was low at 0420.
A few thoughts about the outlook on the other side of the pics…

dy beach wave

Empty peak up the beach about 0820

dy bodyboarding

Bodyboarder in the slot at the point

dy point lined up with waves

Consistent supply of sets at the point this morning

From this morning’s swell models it appears that we should have waves again tomorrow, although the Bureau is calling for east to SE wind. Swell should decline today though and tomorrow could see it maintain the downward trend toward marginal to just surfable conditions for later this week. Long range outlook is for small through to the middle of next week when we may see another little winter pulse come up for Tuesday-ish.
Have yourself a great day one and all!

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