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Posted by: on August 1st, 2015

Hello Friends,

Well, call me surprised. Looking at conditions last night, and taking the forecast and models into account, I figured this morning would be flat.

Happily I can report it isn’t. In fact the swell has come up slightly from yesterday and as of 0500 was out of the SSE at about a metre at 11 seconds. That’s translating into knee to waist plus at the magnet spots. My quick run around for the Saturday radio report revealed knee high at Northy, waist high but shutting down right on the sand at south Narra and knee to waistish from about the Lugga to No Mans, but nothing else either side of that zone.

Saturday’s first tide is a high at 0845. We’ll be back to low at 1430.

Wind call is for northerly 15-20 kts, turning west NW this evening. As the day got started, wind was light from the north.

Outlook is for a rainy and tiny to flat day tomorrow and not so red hot for Monday either. But beyond that there seems to be some prospect for a wave across Tuesday-Weds and maybe from Tuesday through to the following week – if the more optimistic of the models have called it.

Have yourself a fantastic Saturday and get into it if you can!


Let’s get started August 2015

sth narra

You could surf that if it was a reef. South Narra at daybreak

north narrabeen

North Narrabeen offering a few tinies for the keen at dawn

no mans wave

Solitary set wave at No Mans about 0655

no mans

No Mans and crew

What we had at SE magnet spots are a few knee to waist plus sets every now and again

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