Little lines and a very cold start

Posted by: on August 5th, 2015

Hello Friends,

According to the MHL buoy at 0600 there was 1.3 metres of 10-sec SE swell out at sea. At Dee Why that was translating into knee to waist high lines at the point and along the beach. There were a couple of people out at the point but I couldn’t see anyone along the beach just north of the club. Maybe the sub-10C temp had something to do with it!

We’re heading to a high tide at 1210 and the current offshores are expected to peak in the 20-30 kt range around midday.

Swell is still expected to come up a little tomorrow from the dead south. So, as the Goat said last week, your go-to spots will be the usual magnets. I’m hoping to see chest plus conditions at the best spots from tomorrow into the weekend.

Have yourself a good Wednesday everybody!

dy point

Bomb set at the point this morning

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