Saturday morning and waves to be had

Posted by: on August 8th, 2015

Hello Friends,

Cold and glassy for the early with sets in the waist to chest plus range at the top of Northy and from about the pole to Dee Why point.

At 0500 swell was SE at 2 metres with a typical period of 11 seconds. At 0710 wind was west around 10 kts.

Tide hits low at 0840 and comes back in to the high at 1515.

Wind should go southerly soon, so the plan is to hit it asap for the maximum number of surf options.

The models are all telling us that the swell will peak today and ratchet down a bit for tomorrow, but it should still be surfable at south magnet spots – particularly in the morning while the wind is light and variable. Southerly’s due to come up later in the day.

Monday could still see a few odds and sods, but from there on it’s not looking too interesting. Maybe a few longboard waves at south spots, but other than that, not much.

So get in if you can and have yourself a top old Saturday!

gardens wave

Punchy but totally unmakeable shorey at Gardens

north narrabeen wave

A few at North Narrabeen 0645


Waist to maybe chest plus at the point 0650


Nice looking left at 0650


Empty one at No Man’s

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