The odd little wave around on Monday morning

Posted by: on August 10th, 2015

Hello Friends,

Light NW-W wind at 0730 this morning with clear skies. The 0600 MHL Sydney buoy report showed 1.5 metres of 11-sec SE swell with an offshore water temp of 18. When I grabbed this morning’s pics, the biggest set I saw at the point was around waist plus and maybe chest plus up the beach. The Bureau says the swell will fade to a metre or so later this morning.

Next tide is a low at 1040.

Wind should be 10-15 W-NW this morning, but by late this afternoon it’s expected to be more north to NE.

Outlook is for marginal to near flat conditions for the next three days before a new south pulse of about the present size turns up sometime around Thursday afternoon.

So get in if you can and have a top old Monday!

dy beach

Sneaker peak up the beach on Monday morning

dy point

Looked like you wanted something long and buoyant at 0720

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