Summery looking Monday morning

Posted by: on September 21st, 2015

Hello Friends,

Warm from early and a textured sea under summery pale blue skies as we rush through spring. Swell is still coming from the SSE. It was showing about a metre of 12-sec energy on the 0700 MHL spectral data. As the pictures show, that was making for waist to chest plus wave faces on the takeoff, followed almost inevitably by a shutdown.
There were a couple of folks in the water at south Curly at 0800, but while the size was okay, it was really lumpy and rippy. A bigger group was up the north end catching softish looking and generally smaller stuff.
Around at Dee Why, the point was asleep but there were more lumpy, slightly choppy chest-ish sections in amongst it. Most of the activity was on the south side of the Pole but there were a few bods on mals messing about in waist-ish dribble up at Longy.
Next tide’s a high at 1335. Outlook is for a high of 24 today and only a small chance of any precipitation.
Surf conditions are unlikely to improve today as the swell is predicted to stay small and the wind to pick up from the north soon.
Tomorrow should be quite a contrast though. The Bureau’s hoisted a gale warning for the Sydney coast and is expecting 20-30 kts of southerly in the morning. Swell will start coming up with the wind and their call is for 2-2.5 metres by lunchtime.
The southerly is set to hammer along at much the same intensity again on Wednesday and the swell will build a bit more too.
From the models, it looks like we’re in for unrelenting southerlies until Sunday morning – by which time the swell will be fading back into the shoulder-chest range.
Ah well, at least there’s lots of energy in the system…
Have a great Monday!

sth curly

South Curly moment of face before the shutdown 0800

nth curly

Summery looking north Curly peak at 0800

dee why beach

Dee Why beachy offering the odd (brief) opportunity

Longy tiny

Soft looking up toward Longy this morning.

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